Austofix Tectona Hip Plate



An efficient option for busy trauma hospitals dealing with the increasing incidence of hip fractures, the Tectona hip plate delivers a reliable solution for trochanteric hip fractures.

Innovative instrumentation and unique locking screw design features, have been employed to provide superior stress distribution and faster insertion than other models.

Our patented screw pattern assures less invasive surgeries by reducing the length of the incision and distributes load-carrying ability across a greater area of the femoral shaft.


  • Superior locking screw technology

  • Minimally invasive

  • Faster insertion

Specifications & Instrumentation:

  • Material: 316L and high nitrogen stainless steels

  • Sizes: 3 hole, 135 degrees

  • Screws: Tectona lag screws, 4.8mm cortical screws, 5.0mm locking screws

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