Distributor Interest Building in New Product Ranges

The Chinese orthopaedic surgeons and associates delegation left Australia on Tuesday with exciting new plans in expanding the range of Austofix products they will be representing in China against the multi-national and local providers.

The level of expertise, R&D and manufacturing that was on display during the Education and Cultural Exchange Program convinced them of Austofix’s professionalism and high standard of manufacturing.

In particular, the new Valens shoulder, elbow and hand and, the Valetis lower limb locking plates with the F3 Titanium and Stainless Steel Femoral Nails, has encouraged them to deepen their promotion and distribution into the Chinese orthopaedic medical device market.

Austofix welcomes this renewed interest into our new product ranges and are excited in the future global prospects of other distributors and their domestic medical device markets.