Welcome to Austofix

We believe in simplicity of design, constant innovation and round the clock product support for our streamlined product line.

Providing the world with quality, Australian-made orthopaedic trauma devices for over 25 years, we remain firmly committed to our products and our people.

From individual surgeons to leading multi-national distributors, we collaborate with those who value state-of-the-art, specialised products to deliver intuitive instrumentation that can drastically reduce surgery time and improve patient outcomes.

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Innovative medical devices

We specialise in world-class orthopaedic trauma products. All aspects, from research and development to manufacturing, distribution and product support can be tailored to suit.

Australian made, Australian owned

We have decades of industry experience providing the world with high quality medical devices.

Collaboration is key

We are excited by developing new tools and new partnerships and can deliver products designed exclusively for you.

Our Mission

To produce innovative, Australian-made medical devices which provide unique solutions for patients’ needs.

Collaborating with like-minded individuals and companies is integral to our business. We help you realise your vision for new products, and commercialise your concept to meet international regulatory approval.

Work with us

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    At Austofix, we are currently servicing major trauma centres in Australia and internationally - our customer service and sales team are always there to offer advice.

Our Team

Dedicated, diverse group of professionals, our team brings expertise from a wide range of areas. World-class research and development specialists work with surgeons to devise effective, affordable and ethical products to suit both distributors and independent clients.

Manufactured in Australia

Austofix handles the entire process, from materials selection through to packaging, at our purpose-built manufacturing facility in Adelaide, South Australia.

We have the capacity to:

  • Sterile pack devices in our BSI audited facility

  • Barcode products and track batches to European standards

  • Ensure all procedures conform with regulatory requirements

Looking to Collaborate

Our research and development process relies on communicative collaboration with clients and distributors vested in pioneering solutions to orthopaedic trauma.

Our support includes:

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Decades of experience

  • Expert team

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